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v Gelish gives a high shine flawless finish for up to 14 days…
v  Gelish combines the easiness of a polish with the durability of a gel finish…
Gelish is thin, yet strong, and helps protect and strengthen your nails...
v  Gelish doesn’t smudge, smear or chip... 

On like polish, Wears like gel, Off in minutes, Zero dry time, Mirror finish ... Flawless Nails!

Gelish is a 'hybrid' finish- half nail polish half gel.  The product is thin enough to be applied like a nail polish, each layer being cured using a UV lamp.  It’s this process combined with a special top coat that gives it an incredible shine only associated with Gel nails. Better yet, removal is an easy process with no filing and consequently no damage to the nail.   


Natalie's Nails clients are loving the results that Gelish delivers every time!

Natalie's Nails Gelish Manicures & Pedicures:

Gelish Nails:£15.00
Gelish Toes: £15.00
Gelish Removal: £5.00

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